About us

Smiling boat, smilling crew!

 The Furanai’s crew welcomes you aboard!

We have a great passion for the sea, especially for sailing and we try to transmit this to all our customers and friends who come aboard with us.

Furanai Ge Huvafen is a vintage sailboat with 15 meters and with capacity for 12 Passengers + a crew of 2. Its name means “Furanai’s Dream”, a woman who lived on an island in the Maldives, in communion with nature. Built in 1984, the Furanai sailboat came to Portugal after traveling the world, maintaining the romanticism that characterizes it and challenging its passengers to discover the emotions that today still allow Furanai to follow it’s dream.

The Furanai is based in the Belém Docks, in a strategic position enabling it to sail in both directions of the Tejo river, up and down, allowing us to appreciate the panorama of the entirety of Lisbon, a city blessed by lighting that makes it ever changing.

Our tours have an above average quality/price and we try our best to offer you an experience that is attentive to every detail and guarantees a safe and comfortable navigation.

We look forward to meeting you in person and sailing together through the fantastic Tejo river, on a journey to remember, hoping it will transmit to you the same emotions, it does to us every day.

Good winds and … see you soon!