the Sailboats


The Furanai sailboats are two elegant vintage boats duly legalized with insurance and registration RNAAT MT nº 29/2013 with capacity for 6 and 12 pax.

Completely organized and equipped with bathroom, they are the perfect idea for tours along the Tagus river, for any type of celebration: Birthdays, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Parties with Friends, Marriage Proposals, Romantic Tours and much more!


(Vagabond 47 – capacity 12 pax + 2 crew)

Furanai Ge Huvafen is an elegant vintage 47 feet sailboat.

Its name in Divehi (Maldivian Creole) means: “the dream of Furanai”, which legend tells of being a girl like Pocahontas who lives in communion with the nature on a Maldivian island.

Built in 1984, the Furanai Ge Huvafen sailboat came to Portugal after traveling the world, maintaining the romanticism that characterizes it and challenging its passengers to discover the emotions that still allow Furanai keep sailing with her dream.


(Formosa 35 – capacity 6 pax + 2 crew)

Piccolina is a charming 35 feet vintage sailboat. Her name Piccolina (from Italian: pequenina) comes from the Maldivian mystic-religious tradition (the legend of the girl Furanai comes from these islands): it was a practice to launch a “piccolo” boat overboard to give luck, protect and heal our loved ones.

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